dōTERRA essential oils

One simple way I keep my ‘nature connection’ going at home is through using pure essential oils.

Some days I cannot get out and spend hours in nature, but diffusing and inhaling essential oils keeps the connection going.

Embracing a natural lifestyle
Three doterra essential oil bottles in the palm of two hands

This past year I’ve been using Dōterra’s essential oils to replace my ‘home medicine’ cabinet, supporting my own and my family’s physical, mental and emotional health.

The oils enliven my sense of smell and touch, and help regulate my mood.

These ‘gifts of the earth’ (the meaning of ‘Dōterra‘) provide me with safe, reliable and effective remedies for everyday niggles. I use them for relief from headaches, to soothe sore muscles after workouts, as pick-me-ups, stress-busters and for sleep. They’re are so versatile!

Now I want to share them with you.

Are you searching for something more natural?

If you’re wondering what essential oils are and why more people are turning to them as a natural remedy, then search no more. I can help you today.

A young women leans her face into a bunch of lavender flowers to smell them
Take in the scent of your favourite aromatic plants

My introduction class explains in clear, jargon-free language how oils work in harmony with our bodies. I share easy ways to use the top ten oils and why I will only use Dōterra’s products.

Join the Dōterra family

If you’re not a Dōterra customer already, it costs £28 for a year’s wholesale membership. This gives you 25% off the retail prices, monthly product offers, membership to private Facebook groups where you can ask questions and get the most from your oils.

You’ll also be able to listen into live and recorded continual education classes on topics such as:

  • Using essential oils and oil safety
  • The top 10 most popular oils for health and wellbeing
  • Oils for general cleaning and sanitising
  • Ways to cook with essential oils
  • Pets and essential oils

There’s no requirement to buy every month. I always stress that I want people to get great value for money. I want you to love, enjoy and regularly use your oils, when you’ve found the ones that work for you.

To find out more, let’s have a chat or pull up a comfy chair and book a place on my next introduction group class.

Find out more

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch with class dates and special offers.

If you want to find out more about Dōterra’s ranges and how they work with farmers across the world, go window shopping in my online Dōterra shop.

There you can watch videos about the company’s mission, charity work (the ‘Helping Hands’ foundation) and how they safeguard the purity and potency of their oils. If you go to the SHOP tab, you’ll also see the full range.

You can also email me to book a Zoom chat, where we can go through the oils and find one that suits you.