Natural health with DōTerra essential oils

Are you concerned about the amount of chemicals in your cleaning products? Do you want to use natural alternatives rather than over-the-counter remedies for your health?

You’re not alone. Many people are looking for ways to reduce the ‘toxic overload’ at home, and turning to nature, such as essential oils to support their physical, emotional and mental health.

Nature’s medicine drawer

I am one of ‘those people’. I’ve watched programmes explaining what’s in household products and I worry about health issues, such as antibiotic resistance for my children. I also love history. I want to know how our ancestors used plants to heal themselves and use this to enhance my own health. So getting into essential oils was my next step.

This year I started trialling the DōTerra family essential oils, to boost my emotional health and treat minor ailments. Over the months, it’s been a real eye-opener and a positive experience for myself and my family. I never knew there were so many different essential oils or where they all came from!

Plus I’ve learnt lots of new skills. I can now blend different oils, know how to apply them and use them safely. Best of all, my home is now filled with wonderful new aromas from my oils diffuser! If you’d like to read more about my DōTerra oils journey over these past few months, check out my blog.

Want to know more?

I’m excited to let you know that I will soon be offering these amazing essential oils to you.

This Autumn, I am organising some free, online introductory DōTerra oil classes covering the following topics and much more:

  • How to use the top 10 most popular oils for health and wellbeing
  • The best essential oils to use at home for general cleaning and sanitising
  • Cooking with oils
  • How to use them with your pets

Follow me on social media to keep in touch with class dates and which DōTerra oils I’m currently trying out.

If you’d like to buy these oils, they will also be available as part of my new ‘Nourish’ package, which includes an invitation to join my private ‘Nature Works Wonders with DōTerra’ Facebook group. This package also includes continuing education classes and ongoing support, to help you get the most benefit from your oils.

Outdoor experiences

I am passionate about sharing these soothing oils with as many people as possible. So starting from this month, anyone who joins me on a mindful nature walk or forest bathing session, will also receive a free sample to try on the day or at home.