Nature and wellbeing at work

Spending time outdoors at work, can provide a neutral environment for new and existing teams to come together.

Parks, nature reserves and woodlands make ideal locations for genuine, relaxed business conversations and internal meetings. Combining exercise, netwalking can be a great way to introduce new colleagues to each other. I offer a range of options through my Nature Works Wonders for Work packages (see below).

Forest bathing

Winter trees bending to one side

For a more immersive experience, invest in a bespoke half-day ‘forest bathing’ session for your team. You could use this to brainstorm ideas or ponder on a new idea!

Also known as Shinrin-Yoku, ‘forest bathing’ is a form of ecotherapy and originates from Japan. The Japanese Forestry, Fisheries and Agriculture department coined the phrase in the 1980s, recognising the link between forest visits and health and wellbeing.

Shinrin-Yoku uses gentle, sensory ‘invitations’ to help reconnect you to nature and rediscover how we are all interlinked to earth’s many ecosystems.

Research in Japan, Korea, China and Europe has shown many ways forest therapy helps with lifestyle-related stress, health conditions and supports people working under pressure. Those who took part reported improved moods and reduced anxiety, and medical tests showed reduced blood pressure and boosted immune systems. Participants also felt more creative and less mentally fatigued. In some cases these positive effects lasted for a whole month.

Forest therapy can also support isolated people with poor or declining mental health and those suffering from long-term health conditions. They are ideal for team-building and as a way to transition people ‘back to work’ after a career break or time away from the office.

Nature Works Wonders for Work

Contact me to discuss a bespoke ‘Nature Works Wonders for Work’ package for your business. I work with organisations based in the Reading, Wokingham and Bracknell areas.

There are a range of options available including:

  • Themed nature walks in green spaces close to workplaces (during lunchtimes, lasts one hour)
  • Bespoke forest bathing sessions in dense woodland for team-building (each lasts three hours)
  • A programme of forest bathing sessions and ongoing support for women returners (starting in 2021)
  • Bespoke company netwalks in Reading