Relaxing sensory nature walks

Ladybird on a green leaf

Make time for a mindful, nature walk and reap the health and wellbeing benefits from spending quality time outdoors.

Let me guide you on ways to be ‘naturally mindful’ as I led you through ancient woods and local nature reserves around Berkshire. No previous experience of mindfulness is required!

You’ll spend time on a slow, purposeful stroll, with like-minded people, while discovering wild, beautiful green spaces close to where you live.

Each nature walk lasts an hour and a half and places are limited to six people (include your guide). Being outside, we will comfortably maintain social-distancing guidelines.

For more information, please view my Covid-19 policy.

Check out the latest walk dates here.

What happens on a walk?

Tree with orange rust coloured bark

We start with an introduction to natural mindfulness and the opportunity to sample some pure essential oils.

Then using the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku (known as ‘forest bathing’), I will ‘invite’ you to interact gently with the flora and fauna around you.

Distracting your busy mind helps you feel more centred, calm and curious about your surroundings.

There will also be reflection time, so you can just ‘be’ and fully relax while outdoors. As your senses awaken, you will naturally find yourself feeling quieter and more reinvigorated.

Research by the University of Exeter supports the wellbeing benefits of noticing nature and being outside. Researchers showed that spending at least two hours a week in nature is more likely to bring you good health and higher psychological wellbeing, compared with not spending any time outdoors.