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  • Crunch, slosh and plop – snow walking

    From the Covid-19 diaries: 24 January 2021 Isn’t it great when the snow finally falls on a weekend? On Sunday many of us in the UK, woke up to a sky full of falling snowflakes, filling the air like an army of small butterflies. And that wonderful sound. A blanket of quiet, with only muffled…

  • Can a walk in the snow lift your mood?

    In January 2021, I wrote a blog about walking in the snow, that I never published – perfectionism got the better of me! Three months later, I get a second chance. The snow has reappeared (in April!) and I find myself reflecting again on how snow brightens my mood. Snow in Spring Today it’s Monday,…

  • Finding natural joy in an upside down world

    The third Monday of January is often referred to as ‘Blue Monday’ and this got me thinking recently about joy – how it’s easily lost and how tuning into nature you can help you find it. You see this month I’ve been in a reflective mood. For me, the time between Christmas and New Year…

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