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Getting back to nature with essential oils

A young woman wearing a red top leans forward to smell a bunch of purple lavender flowers
Photo by Elly Johnson / Unsplash

Did you know I use dōTERRA essential oils to support me emotionally and physically?

Until this year, I knew very little about essential oils. But I’ve been curious about them for ages, so decided to try them out as a ‘natural’ health option for myself and my family.

And the fragrance of them – well, who doesn’t love the scent of pure essential oils? Wild orange is my current favourite. It so uplifting and smells AMAZING!

So who and what is dōTERRA?

Based in the US, dōTERRA is the largest essential oils company in the world. They supply oils extracted and distilled from plants grown and harvested in partnership with farmers from around the world. dōTERRA is Latin for ‘gift of the earth’.

As ‘medicinal grade’ oils, dōTERRA essential oils are verified pure, free from ‘fillers’ and harmful contaminants. Other essential oils on the market might be ‘synthetic’ or ‘food’ grade. dōTERRA oils are also stringently tested by a third-party to ensure authenticity and potency.

How I use the oils

There are so many different single oils (40+), blended oils (20+) and lifestyle products (like creams and supplements) available, that I’m still learning about them and all their health effects.

A woman wearing a blue dress holds three bottles of doterra essential oils in her palms, with labels that show their contents: Frankincense, Lavender and Balance, a grounding blend of oils
Photo by Chelsea Gates/Unsplash

When I feel tired or low on energy, I inhale peppermint oil to perk me up – it’s so strong and cooling. This summer I even made my own deodorant using coconut oil, baking soda, cornflour, melaleuca (tea tree oil), wild orange and lavender. There are so many ways to use them!

If you join me on a mindful nature walk in the future, you’ll also have a chance to try them out too.

I use oils to support people’s emotional and mental health, and help them feel relaxed and grounded during our time together.

Curious to know more?

Check out the dōTERRA oils through my online dōTERRA shop page

Or email me and let’s have a chat.

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